Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and its advantages

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA is the abbreviation for applied behavior analysis. Is an approach to changing socially useful behaviors that employs scientifically established principles of learning to bring about these changes. 

There are three important characteristics of ABA that will help explain what ABA “is”.

First, the behaviors we target for change are behaviors that can have real-life applications for the person we are working with. That’s the applied part. 

Second, we are working with real, observable measurable behaviors rather than some abstract diagnosis, and, the procedures used in ABA are based on scientifically established principles of learning. That’s where behavior comes in. 

The third critical characteristic of ABA is that decisions in ABA are made based on objective data that is collected to help understand what effects, if any, the interventions being used are actually having on the behavior.  That’s the analysis part.

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